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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Scout for Black Cutworms

I just received a phone call about black cutworm damage in a recently planted corn field. Growers should check their fields for cutworm damage.  Loss of corn plants from above ground cutting  injury is an indicator of black cutworm. Damage is often encountered in low lying, damp areas of fields. Adult black cut worm moths over winter in the south and migrate north with spring weather fronts. The migrating moths are attracted to fields with significant winter annual weed coverage such as chickweed. Increased populations of winter annuals are often found in reduced and no-till fields, so black cutworm tends to be more of a problem in these fields. Rescue treatments are based on the number of plants effected, corn growth stage, and size of the cutworm. Control recommendations can be found in EB-237 Mid-Atlantic Pest Management Recommendations for Field Crops

Bill Bamka