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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Stain/Molded Seed last fall? Tillage/Rotation may be the remedy

Following all the late summer rains last year many soybean growers experienced problems with moldy and purple stained seed at harvest.This disease complex is weather related and we may not see such conditions again this fall. However, because the pathogens can carryover in the residue, farmers should consider rotating to corn or another crop in the problem fields. If soybeans will be grown again this year, tilling under the residue can be helpful in reducing the incidence of the disease. While varietal development has improved tolerance to this disease over the years, there doesnt seem to be clear and specific ratings such that we could recommend certain varieties over others. If you saw varieties that appeared to have less problems than others last year you could consider those if yield and other characteristics were favorable.

Zane R. Helsel